I and Me coming to Nintendo Switch

Author: indienova
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A unique platform puzzler named I and Me, created by solo Chinese indie developer Wish Fang, has been confirmed for release on the Nintendo Switch in coming months. The game will be published by indienova (China), Ratalaika Games (Spain) and Rainy Frog (Japan) in their respective regions.


I and Me, Wish Fang’s very first title, was initially released to great acclaim on Steam in May 2016. In the game, players control two cats simultaneously each of which mirrors the other’s movements. Players need to move with careful coordination to solve a variety of quirky, polished puzzles. Featuring a charming art style and relaxing sounds, I and Me is a hit on Steam with 215 overwhelmingly positive reviews; 96% of all reviewers have recommended it.

As well as updating the core mechanics specially for the Nintendo Switch release, I and Me will also include extended story elements; it’s a thoughtful tale of loneliness and isolation, each level featuring its own prologue and monologue which will reveal the hidden depths within the adorable felines.


I and Me is coming soon, stay tuned for more updates!

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