Indienova goes to Sonkwo 5th anniversary Game Show in 798 Art Zone

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In the outskirts of Beijing lies the Dashanzi District, commonly refereed to as 798 Art Zone. This was once an industrial complex dedicated to electronics manufacturing, but after being decommissioned in the late eighties, it has turned into a home of an active and thriving art and design community. It was right in this aesthetic mix of grand, industrial architecture and artistic vibrancy that Sonkwo held their 5th anniversary Game Show last Saturday (20/1), and we were there!

Back in 2013, the Beijing based publisher CE-Asia launched Sonkwo as one of China's first platforms for digital distribution of games. Since then it's been distributing keys for nearly 2000 titles – from heavyweight AAA masterpieces to acclaimed and beloved indie game hits.

Saturday's Game Show was held on three floors with both local and international indie game titles available for play on the first floor, and bigger titles along with live e-sport contests upstairs. Soon the place was packed with game enthusiasts eager to find a new indie gem, or give demos for anticipated titles a first go.  

On the second floor, fans gathered around the F2P multi-player shooter Loadout as well as the Napoleon themed strategy game 圣女战旗: Banniere de la Pucelle (Eng: Saintess Banner) – both about to get published by Sonkwo in the Hong Kong region and entire China respectively.

Indienova also gave attendants the opportunity to give the upcoming adventure game Minotaur a go. Minotaur is a point-and-click game with visual novel-style driven narrative. The team behind it, the U7 commitee, is an international cooperation of driven developers that make games and books in the mythological context of their fantasy/cyber punk universe. Check their page out!

Beware: in the universe of Minotaur, to “lend a hand” is a literal expression...  

Give their Steam page a look, and download the free demo!

Can't wait for them to finish the game? Wanna speed up their progress? Here's a link to the Minotaur Kickstarter page!

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