Don Bradman Cricket

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- Intuitive controls that allow for line and length deliveries without pitch markers and realistic shot control when batting.
- Take a 16 year old aspiring cricketer through the ranks to international glory in Career mode.
- Fully customise you play experience, set-up tours, competitions, create players, teams and even umpires in the Cricket Academy.
- Access thousands of Community created players and teams, ready for download and use in the game.
- Hone your skills to perfection in the Practice nets before taking to the field.
- Dynamic time of day, weather and pitch wear that will keep you on edge, as no two matches play the same.
- Continue your match whenever you want with the unique Online Save System.
- The most realistic physics ever seen in a Cricket game including thin edges, bat pad catches, intimidating bouncers and much more.
- Crisp Next Gen graphics.

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

模式: 多人

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