Bet on Man :: Bet on Man

Bet on Man
Bet on Man

开发: Boneco Sinforoso
发行: Genesys Generation


Bet on Man is a game that you have to be lucky, but only lucky is not enough. It is no use getting lucky if you are not fast enough. To win you need have focus, not attract attention. Sometimes you will have to be cautious, but sometimes it will be better to risk everything. Use the tools you have available with intellingence.

Bet on one of the men and hope to be the winner... or... Choose one of the men, give him the attributes correctly and make him the winner.

The game has 80 stages, having a degree of difficulty that gradually increases. Choose the MAN you think will be the first/last arriving at the finish line at the end of each maze and sometimes choose a MAN and give him points for each of his attributes and make him the first/last arriving at the finish line.

* Game has unique resolution of 1280px x 720px (windowed mode).
* Online mode unavailable.

Coming soon:

* Online mode
* Resolution 1920x1080
* Full screen
* 60 FPS


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