Trapped in Fear :: Trapped in Fear

Trapped in Fear
Trapped in Fear

开发: Rain Of Cubes
发行: Rain Of Cubes



Has it ever happened to you? You are a child that wakes up alone in the middle of the dark and rainy night in your room. You and your family have moved into recently. There’s no sign of your siblings and you’re wondering why. Remembering what your mom’s told you, you are supposed to go to the parents’ room whenever you need to feel safe. If you’re curious what happens next, immerse yourself into the world of Trapped In Fear!

What awaits you:
The unique monsters looking forward to scare you!

The child’s imagination can often play tricks

Further attempts lead you with different paths

This old house is hiding a lot of secrets. Can you find them all?

Make a decision who do you want to be

Still developing game studio - “Rain of Cubes” is presenting it’s newest project - “Trapped In Fear”. Our project is created in the style of horror. It may awaken your interest and also scare you. We used our best efforts to make this game as best as it can be. Enjoy!


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