Escape From Earth :: 逃离地球

Escape From Earth

开发: DarkNight-Studio , DaniconShow(Mac) , SadKennith
发行: DarkNight-Studio , MyGamingCareer

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There is currently only 2 out of 8 aliens in Escape From Earth as each one has their own little background story as well as voice acting at some point. They have their own Strengths and Weaknesses and special abilities from extra health to auto collect coins, gems, magnetic field for collecting items and coins

Amber: This alien is a huge Call of Fish player. She loves her online FPS and this one is based underwater and you have a fish gun and stuff.

Ability: TBC

Ilona: Ilona is a cheeky little alien who does not like to listen to orders and this is the reason she is bright green with red polka dots - she played with radioactive materials.
Ability: TBC

There is a total of 16 planets in Escape From Earth. Each planet has its own description and set of unique creatures and enemies along with design and environment and gravy field/force. This will affect when you‘re playing as on some planets you might be able to jump higher or on others you might not jump as high. Some plants might have day and night cycle so the enemies might look friendly and cute in the day but at night they will change and look a little different. There are some planets that are just dark or day all the time.

The game currently has 2 game modes plus two to come in a future update. These game modes are a work in progress so they will be locked until we are ready to release that in coming month. Below is each game mode and a short description of what each mode does.

Free Play: You are not timed in this mode so you can explore the levels and find the hidden stuff or maybe find an Easter Egg or two.

Time Mode: When playing this mode you have a set time to complete the level and if you do not make it in time you will lose some health and the game will restart, sending you back to the start of the level.

Speed Runner: The mode name gives this one away! You have to complete the level as fast as you can. The game will show timings as you go and it will show you at the end of the level too. Plus you can post your times to the game leaderboards.

Death Mode: This mode is a complete mystery nobody knows about it not even the Devs. You will have to unlock it to find out more about it! All we know is this game mode will be very hard...


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