Plunger Knight - Washers of Truth :: Plunger Knight - Washers of Truth

Plunger Knight - Washers of Truth
Plunger Knight - Washers of Truth

开发: Greenlynx
发行: Greenlynx

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Plunger Knight is a platformer game about a lonely knight who lived in the Middle Age and has lost almost everything he had but had to face a new challenge: robots. In the series of his adventures, he travels the world and time to battle against them.

Washers of Truth is the first adventure that would provide hours of excitement and gameplay.

Under the control of the Evil Developer, the robots has invaded Scotland in 1278 AD. They built a robot factory releasing machines here and there and creating terror for the public and the entire world.

Having built his armor again, he had a chance to speak to an Unknown Creature who would help him in his endeavor against the Machines. He actually learns for the first time what machines mean. The Unknown Creature gives him a magical weapon, which is a plunger, into which he had forged some magic as it was the only available tool at his home. But it works well.

His mission against the Machines is not limited with fighting them. He has to penetrate the underground areas of the Kilchurn Castle and some other locations to find the areas they occupied and built their workshops and platforms to move. In beautiful northern locations, he seeks clues about the whereabouts of the factory of the Robots, helps people survive the evil actions of the Machines, and solves puzzles to move forward.


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