Rainbow Hunter :: Rainbow Hunter

Rainbow Hunter
Rainbow Hunter

开发: Colossus Game Studio
发行: Colossus Game Studio



Willy is a little boy who loves songs, drawings and love too the Irish culture. He is always searching the little and awesome Leprechaun, because he believe that if find him, the creature will help you to found the treasure at the end of rainbow.

The game is based on Irish fairy tales and legends. A little young man is looking to explore the rainbows in order to find the great treasure that legend so much says exists.

But it will not be that simple, because to find the treasure, the young explorer must capture a leprechaun. And the leprechauns are very smart and can escape very easily, with just a simple bush in which he can hide.

For the luck of the boy Willy, in the same place where the Leprechaun is also can find the fairies, they will help you on the way to find the great treasure.


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