The Legion: FringeBound :: The Legion: FringeBound

The Legion: FringeBound
The Legion: FringeBound

开发: Henry Gagnon
发行: Henry Gagnon



The Legion: FringeBound is a turn-based, squad focused roguelike. You'll assume leadership of The Legion, a band of heroes and adventurers on their mission to stop Vlad. Starting a little spread out, you'll need to delve into the depths with whoever is available, finding new team members and gear as you go. Battle through the procedurally generated maps and enemy groupings through all 5 zones on your path to The Fringe. Engage in combat with increasingly terrifying foes, all depicted through an adorably cartoony art style. Will your roster be strong enough to take down Vlad?

Key Features

  • 34 Unique Playable Characters
  • 65+ unique enemies, assigned into random parties by strength
  • 5 diverse areas to battle through, with an alternate tileset for all but The Fringe
  • 20+ Custom Bosses spread across all 5 zones
  • Hand drawn portraits for all characters, bosses, and enemies
  • Endless Mode: allows for endless play with nightmarish difficulty after the typical end point. how far will you go?
  • Commando Mode: allows for free range selection of your party from all playable heroes, but removes the chance of finding any additional allies. can your favorite team make it to the end?


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