Quest Together :: Quest Together

Quest Together
Quest Together

开发: Studio Stefferp
发行: Studio Stefferp


Welcome to Quest Together, heroes!

Take up your sword and shield and go on a quest with your buddies!
As a new Rookie Hero, you get stationed in a small town that's been suffering from recent monster attacks. As a Hero, it's your job to take up quests and defend the town from monsters and help out with the villagers' requests. Meet other Heroes and team up together for adventure!

  • Enjoy online multiplayer in VR and make new friends, or invite your existing ones
  • Form a 4-player party and go on co-operative quests together
  • For the competitive Heroes, enjoy a PVP archery mode in the arena to earn fame and wealth
  • Customize your character how you want
  • Unlock new outfits, armor sets and gear by playing
  • Strategize with your party by dividing roles: melee, ranged, support, etc.
  • Work your way up from small fry goblins to large behemoths that won't go down without a fight


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