Legion of Scorn :: Legion of Scorn

Legion of Scorn
Legion of Scorn

开发: Phoenix Resurrection Games
发行: Phoenix Resurrection Games



May 3, 2091
Part of the U.S. Army Special Forces, C.A.N.E (Cybernetic and Nanite Enhanced) Special Intelligence Sergeant 0813 has been deployed to diagnose the impending threat that advanced technology companies pose to national security. Specifically, those with interests in military weapons grade robotics. According to our intel, Welkin Robotics has developed new advancements in robotics and weapons tech that has allowed Welkin Robotics to amass a private army that is currently under development in their low orbital research facility. Upon infiltration, we have lost contact with CANE Operative 0813. We have just received a livestream from within the Welkin Robotics research facility. 0813 has been placed in an arena filled with experimental robotic weapons systems. The transmission also included a statement from Welkin Robotics officials stating any rescue attempt will result in the immediate termination of 0813. We have been informed that 0813 will be released upon successful completion of the trial.

…End Transmission

…Initiate Research Arena Protocol ://Legion.exe

*Face 100 waves of The Legion
*Useful powerups
*Compete for high scores
*Retro soundtrack


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