开发: MAX Softworks
发行: MAX Softworks



In your hands, a defunct wrecking drone becomes a lethal tool. Fly through twisting, turning 3D levels with six degrees of freedom in zero gravity. Find powerful weapons and engage your enemies in frantic battles. Weld fuse boxes to restore power and open new paths through facilities to reach the exit airlock. Only your superior combat skills can retake the Phobean moon and save it from complete destruction.


  • Highly Responsive 6 DoF Movement
    Move freely in any direction and rapidly change your vector with nimble thruster bursts. Kick off any surface—or hostile—with powerful hydraulic legs. Maintain momentum and ignite afterburners to reach extreme speeds.

  • Salvage Destructive Weapons & Useful Items
    Re-purpose your wrecking drone's integrated demolition saw and welding beam as deadly weapons. Increase your arsenal with additional salvaged weapons and items. Dual wield a total of 6 weapons and 10 ammo types with multiple firing modes; ranging from gatling guns to nuclear missiles. Gain a tactical edge with less lethal items like flares, coolant and nitro. Up-armour or repair hull damage with scavenged hull plates.

  • Battle Bizarre Foes
    Face 10+ unique enemy types that all want to wreck you. Blast them to pieces first and bathe your hot radiator in their cooling ichor. Provoke infighting between your foes, distract them with flares, evade attacks and counter their varied tactics to emerge victorious.

  • PHOBEAN TERROR - Single Player Campaign
    Battle through industrial facilities, winding caverns and a once bustling city. Repair crucial subsystems and reclaim Phobos from invaders. Story objectives are a seamless addition to regular game-play, allowing you to complete them whenever you wish.

  • Readily Re-playable
    Cleared sectors can be replayed at any time. Beat your high score, search for secret areas or just blast through for fun. Independent sector saves allow you to jump in and out of any mission at your leisure and keep your progress.

  • Configurable HUD, comprehensive graphics settings, custom keybinds, night vision and headlights hotkeys... all that good stuff.


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