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Mini Tone
Mini Tone

开发: Mens Sana Interactive
发行: Mens Sana Interactive



Throw a ball on the correct path to eliminate all musical blocks from the scene. Avoid obstacles and traps until you reach the portal that takes you to the next level.

  • Find the ideal launching point and perfect path to eliminate all musical blocks in one single throw.
  • Use your physical intuition to find the best release and bounce angles (all those days playing pool were not in vain).
  • Avoid obstacles and traps that prevent you from performing the perfect path.
  • Remove the musical blocks to the sound of pleasant notes that refer to a famous melody. Can you figure out the melody in each level?
  • Timing is everything: in more advanced levels, in addition to the perfect path you also need to find the perfect launch timing. Identify the rhythm of obstacles and musical blocks and perform the perfect path.
  • 50+ unique and challenging levels, with obstacles, traps, and so much more!


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