Soaring perl Tom :: Soaring perl Tom

Soaring perl Tom
Soaring perl Tom

开发: tiny_exp studio
发行: Zotdinex


Your country is captured by an evil enemy. You play the guardian - a red cat, in whose forces he will cope with ill-wishers and liberate his lands.

Soaring perl Tom is a side-facing arkanoid, the main task is to clear the playing field from enemies. How to do it? Everything is simple - the main thing is to throw a ball at them aptly, with the help of our red cat and not let it fall into the abyss. In the process of gameplay there are obstacles in the form of impenetrable blocks, as well as a variety of rivals. With which will help to finish bonuses that fall out over time.

- Pixel graphics
- 27 colorful levels
- View from above
- boss battles
- Various bonuses
- Fun gameplay
- Management from the keyboard and gamepad


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