Let's See What You Got :: 我们来瞧瞧你得到了什么

Let's See What You Got

开发: Stephen Joseph



There's always room for improvement. Push your human tolerance to the limit with this unique and challenging physic-sandbox platformer. Run on the walls. Jump off the ceilings. Swing through a dark lab. Die, a lot. The trials before you won't be easy. So, let's see what you got.

The game is designed to challenge the player in such a way where they adapt their own style and platforming skills; no two players will play through each zone the same way. With a limitless combination of movement options and paths through a zone, there will always be a way to clear a zone faster. Compete with your friends and the world as you climb from just barely scraping through each zone in the first play through to smashing each zone in under thirty seconds.

Movement is very expressive. As a player gains more experience and unlocks new abilities, they'll create their own style. One player might prefer running up a wall, while another would swing around it, while another would jump up it.

There's also much more to do besides clearing zones with a surprise waiting for any player skilled enough to complete a play through.


  • Technical platforming
  • Responsive movement
  • Unlockable abilities
  • Unlockable challenges
  • World rankings for glory
  • Tons of secrets (I guess they're not really secret anymore...)
  • 25+ original soundtracks
  • Human limitations
  • Alt+F4


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