Rhythm Mage VR :: 节奏法师 VR

Rhythm Mage VR
节奏法师 VR

开发: Flat Mountain Arts
发行: Flat Mountain Arts


The rhythm of the universe has been thrown off by a mysterious force. Portals are appearing all over the land, letting frustratingly cute creatures from other dimensions into our world. After many millennia of rest, Alfred must once more take up the mantel of Rhythm Mage and restore the rhythm of the universe. Only he is able to get the universe back in sync and close the portals once and for all!

Touch the monsters with your wands to grab them.
Once a monster is attached to your wand shoot them into the correct portal -- matches their colour -- to earn points and build up your combo.
Fire a monster into the wrong portal and your combo will end. Fire to many wrong monsters into a portal and the portal will be destroyed!
Dodge the fire monsters at all costs! If they touch you your combo will end and you will take burn damage.

Over 20 tracks are available on early access!

Collect the coloured crystals with your wands.
You can collect up to three of the same colour with each wand.
If you have collected 1 or more of a colour and then touch a different colour your wands powers will reset
(Example if you have 2 green on your left wand and touch a red item, the left wand will reset to 0 magical gems charged up.)
Press the X or A button to active that wands powers. The more gems you collected the more powerful that wands magic will be.

Gem colours:
- Yellow: Double score for a set amount of time
- Red: Summons flames from your wands, destroying all monsters that come in contact with the fire.
- Blue: Activates a shield that will block all red monsters from hurting you
- Purple: Activates a bubble that slows time for any monster that enters (Still needs balancing)
- Green: Brings back damaged portals (Not in the game yet)


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