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Disc Golf Adventure VR
Disc Golf Adventure VR

开发: Brian Macumber , Kevin Macumber
发行: Brian Macumber , Kevin Macumber



Please Note:

VR headset and controllers required. Game is playable on all SteamVR supported headsets, but currently works best with controllers that rely on external sensors for tracking (Vive, Rift, Valve Index controllers). That being said I have found that the game also plays well with the Rift S, but no so much with the Cosmos unless you follow the disc with your head as you throw. This is due to the nature of the throwing motion required for this game, and the Cosmos controllers not always being tracked accurately (at least for now) when they are out of view of the headset.

Game Features:

Multiple Unique Courses:

Four 18 hole courses, and more on the way!

Realistic Disc Flights:

Throw a backhand, forehand, hyzer, anhyzer, flex shot, or whatever else suits you.

Disc Flight Ratings:

64 unique discs to choose from, each with unique flight ratings that actually affect the flight of the discs!


Compare your stats to others around the world! Compete for the top scores on each course, the longest throw, and more.

Career Progression:

Earn XP to unlock new discs, expand the number of disc slots in your bag, and increase your backhand and forehand throwing power.

Course Objectives:

Complete objectives specific to each course to earn additional XP.


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