Debugger 3.16 // Recoded // Despair of the Developer Edition :: Debugger 3.16 // Recoded // Despair of the Developer Edition

Debugger 3.16 // Recoded // Despair of the Developer Edition
Debugger 3.16 // Recoded // Despair of the Developer Edition

开发: Spiderwork Games
发行: Spiderwork Games



The developer, Mr. Schaefer, tried to create the ultimate gaming adventure for up to 4 players. He wanted to program a Metrovania experience that the world hasn't seen yet, with varied worlds, different characters, crazy mini-games and logic puzzles! But his own inadequacy was a problem: his game was full of errors and bugs and in this state no one would buy it. With his last powers he developed the Debuggers, program functions, which should take care of the bug problem. However, they failed one by one, in the end only one remained active: Debugger 3.16 ... This is his story!

  • Discover with up to three friends Mr. Schaefers game worlds and try to find and delete all bugs

  • Save your 315 predecessors which mutated to bugs or got captured
  • Get new components when you save them to learn new skills
  • Meet the game characters created by Mr. Schaefer and help them to start their games again
  • Manipulate game objects with the help of your hack powers
  • Master crazy mini games, some of them are a part of the main story

  • Hundreds of bugs to deal with!
    Fight against small bugs, big bugs, shooting bugs, intelligent bugs, not so intelligent bugs, spewing bugs, bugs with one eye, bugs with more then one eye, king bugs, queen bugs and even evil boss bugs

  • Meet the developer of the game!
    Yes, that's right, from time to time you will see the developer (don't know if this a good thing x°)
  • See real C# code when you hack
    You don't need any coding skills, you will just see how real code looks like

The predecessor is a "Serious Game", the main goal of it was to help you to learn coding. You was forced to use a keyboard and enter real code.
In "Debugger 3.16 // Recoded" this was removed, you can now play with a gamepad and you don't have to enter codes. Our main focus is now gaming fun including new levels, more bugs, better graphics, mulitplayer and mini-games! You can still see real code but it is created by the KI automatically, this way you can still get an insight into the fascinating world of variables and coding.

What is the "Despair of the Developer"-Edition?

This is a free, special version of the main game, which is showing the biggest part of the first world (the cyberworld). The desperate developer needs your support to complete the whole game. He wants to win new fans for the project and would be very happy, if you support him, for example when you give feedback!


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