Cyber Fight Challenge :: Cyber Fight Challenge

Cyber Fight Challenge
Cyber Fight Challenge

开发: Nordville Technology LTD
发行: Nordville Technology LTD



Cyber Fight Challenge
Nordville comapny has created a boxing simulator for PC that is capable of traversing gamers to a captivating boxing universe. This simulator allows both to participate in contests in Sit&Go mode and participate in online tournaments in a real boxing ambience and get the prizes. If you are a new one in boxing we offer a free and comprehensive boxing training and education. Experiences players will have the chance to play with real players online. We also provide the oportunity to participate in online tournaments with prizes from organizer.
The menu for creating your own tournaments is also availabvle in CFC simulator, so it can be used for creating your own cyber-sporting tournaments. Each User has it's own account where User sets the appearence of the boxer, make him unique and one of a kind.


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