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Sanctum Breach
Sanctum Breach

开发: Reroll Gaming
发行: Reroll Gaming

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If you would like to join the growing community on Discord then please feel free - - and the roadmap for future updates can be found here - - hope you enjoy!

About the game:

Sanctum Breach is a Hardcore top down ARPG in the vein of games such as Diablo 2, Path of Exile and Grim Dawn. It is currently in the early stages of development, although most of the core features are in place, or have at least had work done to them. A very large portion of documentation is already complete and from this point forward implementation is mostly just iterations of new items, enemies and skills. Nearly every zone that will be in the game has already been completed.

Gameplay Features:

Playable Offline.

Six distinct classes, each with access to individual class skills and universal skills (via items).

Skill Levelling up.

Divinity Tree for each class that has 150+ nodes.

Ascension Tree for general buffs and character improvements.

Constant progression with 9 tiers of item rarity, finding gear improvements is always easy, even in endgame!

Powerful items feel powerful, with unique skills tied to them.

Multiple endgame modes to explore keeps the game feeling fresh and exciting even after many hours.

Conquests - A layout based on at least 2 levels throughout the story combined to create a very large area. The level will host specific enemy types and culminate in a Mid-Tier boss fight. Each Conquest will come in multiple tiers of difficulty.

Trials (Arena) - An endless stream of enemies with increased difficulty and reward per Tier.

Trials (Mythical) - A combination of Conquests and Encounters. The player must make their way through maps with unique challenges based upon their Encounter Boss, which will always be a mythical creature of some description: Gorgon, Dragon, Minotaur etc.

Encounters - Player fights a very difficult Boss in an arena thematic with their style.

Endless Abyss - An endless floor style dungeon in which you can hire mercenary AI to accompany you as you explore its depths for untold treasures.

Each Boss has it's own loot pool with Unique items tied to them.

Hardcore and Softcore options available.

Plus loads more!


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