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Art of Deception
Art of Deception

开发: Dreamers
发行: Dreamers



Art of Deception is an interactive killer simulator. You have to be in the role of the Royal phantom-a man that can take the form of other people. The events take place during the war between the Kingdom and the Empire, two superpowers that have been fighting for more than a hundred years! On the territory of the Kingdom there is a rebel movement, the leader of which seeks to unleash a civil war to free the country from tyranny. Deal with all this chaos to you.

The mechanics are deceptively simple, through dialogue and interaction with the environment to find a way to accomplish the task. What you say and how to play the role, will save or destroy you, always be careful during the dialogues, one wrong phrase - and you are exposed. Kill goal-the only task. Deceive, manipulate, steal, substitute others-all methods are good.

- plot without black and white, all characters have their own motives and goals
- Interactive missions that have multiple ways of passing
- Unique gameplay based on manipulation and pretense
- Atmospheric soundtrack
- Realistic fantasy, without dragons, orcs, elves and other evil spirits


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