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Black Butterfly
Black Butterfly

开发: Rafael Braza
发行: 616 GAMES



Around the 18th century, a Malagasy sect emerged. Its main objective was to transform people into
zombies. So they would be more faithful, they would kill and die for the cause!
The sect started to expand a lot, getting bigger and with more followers, they used heavy black magic in their rituals.
The Catholic Church clearly did not accept, they started to persecute and burn the followers of the sect, accusing them of witchcraft.
Since then they have disappeared, it is rumored that they live in the middle of the forest, living in small villages ...

The sect was known as ... Black Butterfly!


Isac lived very happily with his wife Jill, and their little son Carl. One day, a terrible car accident, took Carl's life. Jill never accepted!
Two years have passed and Isac decides to move, move out of town and live in the middle of nature. For only then, he could try to forget what happened and start a new life with his wife. So they move to a small village well isolated from civilization, but their new neighbors are not very receptive.

Black Butterfly is a true survival horror experience that aims to show that the most terrifying monsters of all come from the human mind, or not quite so human!


- Gameplay: Can be played stealthily, however, it will have weaponry and resources for its defense.
- Immersive graphics: AAA quality graphics offer players more immersion within the game.
- Enemies: They are very unpredictable, they approach very quickly (Some may be stronger than others).
- Experience: You can fight or run, but sometimes your only option will be to defeat the enemy.


The game contains "Fantasy Violence" (Easily distinguishable from real life), some moments can give you some scares.


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