Space Mega Force Man :: Space Mega Force Man

Space Mega Force Man
Space Mega Force Man

开发: Paul Hagerty , Rob Kitson
发行: Not Your Jax



Space Mega Force Man is a retro space shooter game.
Your ladyfriend is kidnapped by space mutants and you have to fly through the universe killing baddies, kicking ass and collecting gems along the way.
Make it to the end, rescue your lady friend and get a smooch for your efforts.

Space Mega Force Man is the first game by developer and artist team of Paul Hagerty and Rob Kitson AKA, Not Your Jax

All images were hand drawn and animated in an old fashioned flip book style. The sound effects are voice clips of Rob and were created using a commodore 64.

The game is coded by Paul in the mono game engine to ensure the retro feel of those great bygone times

Its been a year in the making and it's definitely worth a blast.

Hit the buy now button and get rescuing her fast.

Thanks from Hag + Kits


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