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Utopia Colony
Utopia Colony

开发: GridSky Software AS
发行: GridSky Software AS

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The year is 2033. You, an ex-Marine with little opportunities left, have signed up with Utopia Arura, a large mining corporation on Mars. They have sent you to a location they have proposed but you have chosen for mining. Everything else is up to you.

Mining outpost on Mars

Operate a mining outpost on Mars. You start out with a small base station where you can earn credits (the currency on Mars in 2033) by mining rocks around the station that contain valuable ore. When you have earned enough credits, you can purchase a rover. You can now drive around and mine rocks that are farther out. You can upgrade the station, etc. Later in the game, you can also earn credits from trading and operating mining rigs.

Mine rocks

The first part of the game is about mining rocks for ore. Explore the area around the station, and you will find rocks that contain valuable ore. Mine the ore and bring it back to the station.

Sell ore

You can sell the ore that you mine using the management user interface inside the station. Just click the "sell ore" button and you will sell one unit of you ore inventory at the current market price.


When you have made enough credits, you will be able to buy a rover vehicle. We recommend buying a rover vehicle as soon as you can because it enables you to drive out and search for rocks to mine farther away from the base.

Mining rigs

You can buy mining rigs when you have a enough credits. Mining rigs provide a steady income from mining ore in nearby mountain formations with valuable ore.


You can buy and sell ore in the marketplace when the station has been upgraded. Prices in the marketplace fluctuate, so it is possible to make or loose credits.

Chill out on Mars

Enjoy hours of gameplay in solitude on Mars, mining for ore, operating your base station, driving your rover, etc. This may be a good game for you if you like space games and are tired of all those action-packed shooting games.

Utopia Planitia

The game is set somewhere in Utopia Planitia on Mars. Utopia Planitia (Greek and Latin: "Nowhere Land Plain") is a large plain within Utopia, the largest recognized impact basin on Mars and in the Solar System with an estimated diameter of 3,300 km. Plenty of space and opportunities for anyone who wishes to try ones luck as a prospector.


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