Overseer :: Overseer


开发: Jarrod Muddyman
发行: Lamina Studios



Game Description:
Overseer is a top-down roguelike game, heavily inspired by Dungeon Souls. This time, you can play with friends and enjoy the intense splashy combat together. The Overseer system allows you to take control of the dungeon and to make it more interesting and challenging: spawning monsters, placing traps, and changing the layout of the dungeon to spice things up.

A mad scientist testing the greatest adventurers of all time. (One of each class), throughout the dungeon, the player will notice hidden wires and the hard light holographic room glitch out.

Current features:
  • Random Dungeon Generation
  • Item Based Power-ups
  • Multiclass based system
  • Own unique ability tree for each class
  • Keybinding supported
  • Basic Multiplayer Connections

    Future features:
  • Full functional multiplayer features: Overseer system in controlling the dungeon in Multiplayer
  • Smoother multiplayer connection
  • Better interfaces
  • Additional combat related features
  • More content and features

    Overseer Online Guide
  • You need to port forward the port 9000
  • Once you've completed that, you now start Overseer, talk to the barman
  • Select the option 'I want to host a party'
  • Select the option 'Alright'
  • And done, the server is now setup, just give your friends the IP to connect to you!

  • Open Overseer, talk to the barman
  • Select the option 'I want to join a party'
  • Input the IP, use 'a' or 'd' to change the character editor
  • Once you've inputting the ip, select the option 'done'
  • And that's it, you'll join your friend that is currently hosting!


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