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Kanały '44
Kanały '44

开发: RealDreamVision , Don't Bite Devs
发行: RealDreamVision


The game takes place during WWII Warsaw Uprising of 1944, showing it from a different perspective - that of an underground courier, braving the sewers under the war-torn Polish capital, in order to deliver crucial reports from Śródmieście to Mokotów district.
On his way to the desired destination the 'sewer rat' has to face a series of trials , which require spatial awareness, dexterity and logical thinking. Avoiding or deactivating traps, sneaking under Natzi guarded manholes and finding a safe way in a deadly labyrinth of underground passages - all those provide a fair challenge and a memorable experience. During the game the courier learns numerous historical facts relating to the Warsaw Uprising, finds period appropriate artifacts and gets to know the capital.
This game is a VR first-person experience focused on navigation (teleportation based), exploration and narrative – delivered through voiceacted inner monologue of the main character. Gameplay is devoid of combat elements, but rich in tension and opperesive atmospere.

  • - Expansive and historycally accurate plot, presented as first-person inner monolgue narration
  • - Ability to explore normally unreacheable historical Warsaw sewer system, build in XIXth century by W. Lindley – perfectly reconstructed thanks to preserved original blueprints and documentation
  • - Attention to historical truth – every last detail of plot, locations and artifacts were consulted with subject literature and reconstruction experts
  • - Numerous artifacts ready to be found by the player
  • - High educational value
  • - Historical realisim


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