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Casual Commando
Casual Commando

开发: Enaayah Software Development and Services Private Limited
发行: Enaayah Software Development and Services Private Limited



It's an action game where you guide a Squad to achieve missions.With one touch controls,Smooth Game play,Beautiful graphics,AI enabled drone to cover for the Squad.Make your way around different locations and pulling down the missions one by one! Your strategy and reaction time will be put to the test here. But have you got what it takes to reach the end, unscathed?
Some unique features:
1. Ultra-Unique Theme
2. 48+ Unique guided mission
3. Full featured Arcade game yet truly Snack-able Hyper-Casual

Following are some of the missions

"The Batallion 309 has gone rogue. They stole 2 military tanks and hid it in opposite directions to wreak havoc, find and blast the tank on the Eastern side

"Now move to the west side of the territory, find the other stolen tank and blast it as soon as possible

"Helicopter is arriving to rescue your team. Reach at the coordinates provided

"Our neighbouring country broke the connectivity bridge and held captive our agents to fulfil their unruly demands. You must rescue our agents before the bridge collapses.

"Bad news Officer !! Your team is in danger.Our friends have turned foes, you must escape their territory quickly to save your lives and the only way out is the old bridge. Cross the bridge and wait for the next orders.

"OK! Great! Now it's time to get back, move to the city and other agents will guide you to escape from there.If you get back safely you will make me very Happy.

"Falcon Mafia is importing two containers full of arms that can kill thousands of innocents. One of their consignment is arriving today at their spot. You mission is to cross the enemy lines and destroy it.

“So!! Officer!! The other heavily loaded container is spotted near the old clan area. The objective of this mission is to shut down this dangerous weapon business.

"Officer !! The gang is after you, escape in a helicopter which is arriving at the southern side of the territory to rescue you.


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