ThunderWheels :: 雷霆轮胎


开发: Arcade Injection



ThunderWheels is a racing game with a classic top-down perspective plus third and first person view, realistic physics and really fun circuits!
This game brings new fresh air to great racing games made in the 80's for arcade, Commodore 64 & PC platforms, we love the feeling and ambiance of arcade games in that era, imagine summer hot, sunset light, palm trees, small cars, races and old school video game music. That is what we want to give you with this game.

Key Features

  • Compete with up to 7 AI (8 cars in race!)
  • Party Mode, play with your friends (up to 4 players in one PC!)
  • Realistic AI: Bots drive like humans players
  • Advanced arcade physics, we spent YEARS (that is true) fine-tuning the game play
  • 6 different circuits + reverse mode for each one
  • 8 cars including monster versions
  • Powerful Track Editor and official How-to for asset creation
  • Specially tested for "good experience from the couch" TV streaming & game pads
  • Title music "Eliminator ThunderWheels Edition" by Tess & Tel
  • In-game music by Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
  • Steam achievements, statistics and trading cards
  • 5.1 surround sound

Third and first person view:

Ready for:

Track Editor:

Planned for future releases:

  • Challenges, play different season types and fight for gold, silver and bronze medals
  • Multiplayer Online: Tournaments, leagues and ability to create teams with friends online
  • Steam workshop support on track editor
  • More tracks and special vehicles distributed as DLC

(C) 2017 Arcade Injection. All rights reserved.


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