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Far Out
Far Out

开发: Escapism Artworks


"You were lucky to stay alive, but will you survive?"

Far-Out is a hardcore first-person adventure game, made with old-school quests such as Space Quest, The Dig, Full Throttle etc. in mind.
Follow the lone survivor of the Selene’s crew, researcher Zack Paterson. Find out what happened to the ship, the crew, and how to survive.

In this adventure you'll face:
Full freedom action, resulting in many possible endings!

Immersive and dynamically changing futuristic environment.

Incredible music compositions that matches gameplay pace.

Hidden game mechanics, surprises and danger.

Play to discover your own unique story!

...and dozens of other things that you'll have to discover on your own!

Developed by Alexander Hagelstein
Music by Michael Donner
Voice acting by Nic Mepham as Zack Paterson


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