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开发: nukeygara


3D animation software did not evolve during the last 25 years... until akeytsu, a brand new 3D software dedicated solely to character animation and rigging developed by nukeygara. Disruptive, easy and able to generalize access to 3D animation, akeytsu is the perfect package for game and Indie game makers.

akeytsu’s motto: designed by/for animators… designed to be easy and fun

Though intrinsically an artistic endeavour, 3D animation has been transformed in a high-level technical activity by the use of current software. These programs are overly complicated with an endless learning curve.

With its artistic-oriented approach and its unique interface, akeytsu breaks up classic standards of current broad-based solutions by providing a new "animation & rigging only" workflow built on simplicity, velocity and ergonomics.

The result is an uncompromising design where each and every feature was thought for animators. And not for professional animators only, akeytsu is so easy that now anyone can create quick posings and have fun by discovering animation.

game industry as target

At nukeygara we made a choice : providing 3D animation access to the huge community of game/indie game developers. Most of them stick with 2D due to 3D issues: overly technical, skills lacking in teams, long learning curves, etc. This situation has to change ! The first akeytsu version and its solid FBX support in/out fits perfectly with game studios needs and especially Unity 3D or Unreal Engine workflows.

key features

  • skeletal animation (akeytsu stacker keyframing system)
  • akeytsu spinner manipulator handling
  • animation layers (akeytsu mixer)
  • F-Curve editor integrated into the 3D viewport (akeytsu curveboard)
  • cycle special features (akeytsu cyclemaker)
  • keyframe onion ghosts
  • mesh controls (akeytsu light rig)
  • IK/FK solver (akeytsu light rig)
  • skeleton creation and editing (akeytsu light rig)
  • skinning creation with Skin Painter and vertices editing
  • animation bank
  • multi-views layouts
  • multi-files handling
  • FBX import/export (multi-animations export)

upcoming features and improvements

  • shortcut manager
  • cameras (import, export, creation & editing)
  • IK auto reverse-foot
  • 4K monitor support
  • and many more…

Notice: about akeytsu Indie license, we authorize the use of akeytsu Indie to any company/entity making less than US$200K pear year in revenue.


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