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开发: Immersive VR Education Ltd.


Lecture VR Alpha 0.1 Public Release

Lecture VR is a tool that allows users to hold meetings, professors to hold classes and content creators to create immersive experiences. Think of us as a type of networked Virtual Reality PowerPoint with immersive environments, simulated objects and interactive tools that will make educational content fun and intuitive.

This early alpha release is designed to test some of the capabilities of Lecture VR and will allow you to hold your own private meetings, presentations and classes over the network, collaborate on whiteboards remotely, and load our demo lessons.

Our goal is to provide a platform that educators can utilize to enhance theirs student’s education and to provide an alternative method for distance learning programs giving our users a sense of being in a real location taking part in a real class.

We want to ensure that great education is available to everybody regardless of their geographical location or financial status. This is why LectureVR will always remain free for those who wish to provide their content for the benefit of others.

We will be rapidly updating our platform releasing more tools and content over the coming months so please follow us on twitter @VREducation to keep informed.
We do hope you enjoy this alpha release as we strive to change the face of education forever.

This build is optimized for HTC Vive and its controllers however it will function on the Oculus Rift consumer headset (CV1) and the development kit 2 (DK2) and on a standard desktop display. We will be adding Oculus Touch support in a future update.

For people without Vive controllers we recommend you use an Xbox controller however we do also support standard keyboard and mouse controls. We recommend you start lessons in a seated position and stand up when it feels natural to do so.

Release notes will be published on http://immersivevreducation.com/lecturevr-dev/

We will be releasing updates on a regular basis and adding additional content, classes and features.

Are you affiliated with a College or University and interested in finding out more ? Email us at http://info@immersivevreducation.com for more information.


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