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开发商: MyDream Interactive, Inc


We are thrilled to present LightVR - a 360 virtual desktop and virtual room simulator for the HTC Vive.


  • Room simulator with freely placeable props, such as chairs, desks, lamps, pictures, etc. Community generated assets can be shared through the Steam Workshop.
  • 360 VR Desktop, supporting multiple screens and web apps. Each screen has customizable curvature, size, position, orientation and 3D mode (SBS, Top-Bottom, etc).
  • DirectX game integration: LightVR displays games at up to 90 fps (adaptively synced) in the HMD and optionally translates head orientation to game view for first person shooters.

LightVR also comes with MyDream\'s Blended Reality engine - a gesture activated camera pass-through for easier typing, finding things on your desk or avoiding tripping on the cable.

We developed it from scratch in C++ with the goal of efficiency and flexibility and as such LightVR has industry leading minuscule CPU utilization (depends on the number of opened screens and content). In addition, LightVR extends DirectX allowing games to directly render onto the HMD without unnecessary overhead or tearing.

Enjoy our new product and we are looking forward to your feedback. We are actively improving our features, as well as adding more art assets.


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