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Doc Apocalypse
Doc Apocalypse

开发: Midian Design



A short adventure story by Midian Design.

Professor Higgins weather experiment has gone haywire, causing what seems to be the apocalypse! He soon rises to the surface to find his home-town destroyed and its inhabitants leading new post-apocalyptic lives.

But where is his family? Can he reach them? And is there any hope of reversing this catastrophe with one of his other dodgy inventions?

Find out as you help Doc Apocalypse and his family travel time and space and the bizarre region to find other secret projects and ancient sites that could explain and eliminate this disastrous timeline!

This light-hearted budget sci-fi adventure will entertain and amuse as you try to claw back a reputation for the professor, meet interesting characters and use simple point and click mechanics to solve the puzzles and hopefully - save the day!

+ Point and click adventure game
+ Suitable for most ages (contains infrequent cartoon violence)

Deluxe Version includes:
+ All new full English voice acting
+ A brand new sci-fi soundtrack
+ Complimentary score system
+ Added additional puzzles
+ Steam achievements and trading cards


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