DreamDesk VR Beta :: DreamDesk VR Beta

DreamDesk VR Beta
DreamDesk VR Beta

开发商: We AR VR Pty Ltd


DreamDesk is Windows In VR

DreamDesk lets you use Windows 10 in VR.
Use Your All Non-3D Software, Games and Content.

Browse the inter-web, stream Netflix, watch movies and everything you do normally on multiple virtual screens. It's designed with multi-screen and home theater use in mind. DreamDesk allows you to size, scale and place screens wherever you want 360° around you.

No Additional Hardware, Plugs, Drivers or Internet Connection Required.

  • Place your applications anywhere around you in Virtual Space.
  • Create virtual multi-monitor display setups.
  • Create virtual multi-story display setups.
  • Translates actions in VR to your physical display.
  • Hardware Accelerated Gaming at 40-60 fps (GTX 660 / GTX 980M / GTX 1070)
  • FREE Bugs Included (Early Access)
  • Responsive team now accepting feature suggestions.

Multi-screen Virtual Computing

Place screens anywhere around you - even above or below your desk.
Size your screens for a perfect fit and maximum comfort.
  • Only have the one monitor and no desk space?
  • No space for a home theater?

Multi-Story Screens

Create infinitely large screens. Your movie theater to take anywhere.
  • Watching Movies or TV
  • Steaming Twitch, Netflix or Youtube
  • Playing Games with Full Hardware Acceleration

All You Need is VR

  • 1 VR Headset
  • 1 VR Capable PC + Monitor (Required By Windows)
  • You.

Coming Soon

Support us and we'll support you.
  • Environment Configuration
  • Keyboard View
  • SBS and OU Video
  • Leap Motion support
  • Screen Sharing
  • Controller and Remote Support
  • Contribute your own ideas
  • Multi-OS Support


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