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Zombie Killin'
Zombie Killin'

开发商: BagelMaster5000



Zombie Killin\' is a cooperative action game that can be played locally with up to four players. In it, your team must shoot its way through an endless onslaught of zombies while at the same time individually accumulating cash and purchasing upgrades. After each game, the team is rewarded zombie coins which can be later spent to unlock new stages, options, cheats, and interesting extra modes.

Interesting Features

  • Play with up to four friends in co-op survival or with up to five friends in zombies vs. survivors mode.
  • Each player can customize their character\'s name, starting perks, and resource bonuses.
  • Play through 50 waves + endless mode.
  • Battle a challenging boss enemy on every tenth wave.
  • Play through eight unique, colorful stages.
  • Customize each game with thirteen unlockable options and cheats.
  • Four unlockable extra modes (with four more planned to be added in later updates).


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