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Master Shot VR
Master Shot VR

开发商: Puresurface, Inc.



Master Shot VR

Take your best shot with Master Shot VR, The Virtual Shoot-Out, where you compete with real guns on out there interactive challenges. Fire an arsenal full of realistic weapons from automatic pistols to sub-machine guns to throwing knives at drone targets, various attackers and other stuff.

Put your skills on display competing globally in a wide range of different shooting challenges. Use your shooting skills to survive a range of dangerous scenarios. We\'re working hard to make the weapons handling as realistic as possible. You\'ll be competing with realistic weapons and will have to reload.

We are constantly adding new weapons and challenges.

Do you have what it takes to become the Master Shot? OR prepare to be blown away.


⦁ Realistic weapons behavior
⦁ Drone targets and survival scenarios
⦁ Shoot Shotguns, AK’s, Pistols and many other guns
⦁ Two-handed gun handling, recoil
⦁ Throwing Knives
⦁ Time trials and other challenges
⦁ Global leaderboards

Multi-player turn based challenges coming soon.


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