Star Rage VR :: 星际狂怒 VR

Star Rage VR
星际狂怒 VR

开发: Metaverse Studio



《星际狂怒 VR》(Star Rage VR)是一款和外星生物战斗的第一人称射击游戏,在游戏中,玩家将成为虚拟世界的拯救者,面对无数凶猛的外星种族,消灭它们并重返星空。



  • 剧情互动贯穿整个游戏过程,确保游戏性不单一枯燥。
  • 游戏完全基于VR头盔和运动控制器设计,让你充分体验VR射击游戏的爽快感;
  • 使用虚幻4引擎精心打造,画面真实震撼;
  • 多种互动及战斗操作,从技术和游戏设计方面有效避免了VR眩晕症状的发生;
  • 敌人最小昆虫到最大山脉级别,给你无与伦比的感官体验;
  • 超越你视觉极限的空间战斗,还原一个真实的外星战场;
  • 提供多种武器,应对瞬息万变的战场局势;

About This Game

Star Rage VRis a VR FPS that is set in the near future in space, in game, the player will be the saviour of the world. Fight the hostile alien species! And earn back out skies!

The story is set in 3216, Earth resources are completely depleted, humans have started their great escape project, to find a suitable home in other solar systems. The Federation has brought humanity into a new age and now is exploring the stars, though humanity has explored and colonised many stars and moons, but nothing every comes this easy, For many, have come before and are turned to dust under the skies.

In the game the player can use many different weapons to combat the alien menace, it has classic defend the point shooter mode and flying platform mode. Move from platform to platform to experience the fight and thrill from all angles. Different enemies paired with multiple different environments will bring you an experience like never before! Mysterious and wild desert planets, Evil and ruthless monsters, huge creatures that are almost big as a mountain, and robots that could be taller than a building! What are you waiting for! Pick up your controllers and be the hero!

Game features:
  • Action packed gameplay! Nothing is repeated!
  • Revolutionary VR gameplay! Using full motion control and the VR helmet for the best experience.
  • Excellently designed control and gameplay! Muti-technology breakthroughs designs that avoids the VR sickness.
  • From swarms of bug to enemies big as mountains! A truly unique experience.
  • Superior visual and depth of space display! Bringing you to the alien battlefield!
  • Different and various weapons, face the battles with total control!



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