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Pocket Universe : Create Your Community
Pocket Universe : Create Your Community

开发: Core Steel Game Studio



Prepare for a brand new adventure in Pocket Universe, a game which combines adored mechanics from strategy and RPG genres. Our vision is an experience which does not solely revolve around the player, but also the world itself which is inhabited by artificially intelligent agents. Pocket Universe tells the story of a human-created planet, following events which threatened the survival of the human race.


  • While playing rpg game, enjoy the strategy game.
You can access all the strategic items thanks to the help NPC while playing the RPG game.
  • Third Person Action.
  • RPG and strategy elements
  • Four Factions.
  • 16,000 km2 mainland + 4,000 km2 island map.
  • Minimum 10 hours main mission
  • Every Npc own personality
Every npc have friends,enemy,have their own thought etc.
  • 100+ buildable building.
Buildings you can build in your own districts and outposts.
  • 125 different soldier troops.
Number of Soldier types trained by yourself and other communities.
  • 10 capturable village and outpost
  • Coincidental artificial intelligence

Coincidental A.I.

With our self-developed artificial intelligence, in every new game is different game. Relations between communities are completely random, relationships between NPCs are random.You will have different enemies and friends in each new game.Every move you make and artificial intelligence will affect all relationships.Unfortunately main tasks remain static.



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