SLI-FI: 2D Planet Platformer :: SLI-FI: 2D Planet Platformer

SLI-FI: 2D Planet Platformer
SLI-FI: 2D Planet Platformer

开发: etaxoft



General Info

SLI-FI is a 2D planet platformer. It's all about jumping from planet to planet and collecting coins to unlock more worlds and levels. While jumping from planet to planet you always have to get re used to the atmosphere because planets vary. Some planets have high gravity, others really low gravity. Some planets even bounce you off or are made out of water and you can jump through them.

Level Unlocks

You have to collect coins in the levels to unlock new worlds and more levels! Each level contains 3 coins you can find. Some are harder to reach and some really easily.


Every level starts with a score of 10.000. The longer it takes you to complete the level, the smaller your score will be. Additionally you can make your score rise again by collecting coins, destroying barrels or doing cool tricks.


Every planet has his own atmosphere. Some are broken, stronger or weaker. As soon as the player enters an atmosphere, he will be attracted by this planet.


Share your fun with a friend! You can play with one of your Steam friends and try to solve puzzles and finish the levels.

Future features

In future we will try to add following features to the game:
  • Skins (near future)
  • Leaderboards (near future)
  • Individual controls (near future)
  • More worlds, levels and planets (continuous)
  • Trading cards (near future)
  • Achievements (working on it)


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