HYPER DRIVE - The Insane Gravity Race :: 超驱动:疯狂重力竞速

HYPER DRIVE - The Insane Gravity Race



HYPER DRIVE - The Insane Gravity Race - the racing game with unlimited speed boosts.

The game offers 13 crazy tracks and we are continuously working on more awesome tracks and gravity bending hyper speed areas. 4 more tracks are already being created while you read this ;)
Currently, there are 9 unique hyper speed cars in the game.
Every car has a different handling and requires a different skill level and experience.
Finding the perfect car for your driving style will be essential to set new high scores and beat your friends and other competitors.

But it doesn't end there!

HYPER DRIVE does not only come with the fastest cars you can think of and some of the weirdest and most unique tracks you can find in a racing game, it also can be played in 3 different game modes:

- Do you like it hard? Do you think hard is too casual? DO YOU LIKE HYPER? Try the HYPER MODE, finish a lab without dying in order to beat the high score!
- Practice the labs and car handling in the PRACTICE MODE.
- We are currently working on the TIME MODE. It is much more forgiving and lets you respawn once you have died.

Each of the modes above can be played alone or with your friends in split screen which is also being developed while this game is still in early access.



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