Life At Space :: Life At Space

Life At Space
Life At Space

开发: Andrey Haritonov


You are in the far, perpendicular Universe from other world. This place has been closed from eyes, but you managed to get here and follow the way clarification.

Basic game principles:
  • - Humour (over events, names, etc.), sendings, tricks.
  • - There is no waiting time (it rarely where occurs among online games: it is possible to pass stages without any "lives", "energy restoration" and similar).
  • - There is no ban on creation and use of different accounts.
  • - Gradual completion of "researches" (the humour is obligatory).
  • - Creative Universe: any player can offer the object (at first - the planet to which all subsequent objects will be tied, and then - everything that is only possible (within adequacy and rationality, of course).
  • - Editors of stages with mini-games: players can create own levels for Shmelbot, the Ricochet, Arkanoid, the Invisible world. If they are accepted by Administration of a game, then they will be added to the next stages
  • - Constant replenishment of our perpendicular Universe objects, stages, researches.


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