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Beats Of Fury
Beats Of Fury

开发: Bubble Head Games
发行: Bubble Head Games


Beats Of Fury is a mix of Rhythm Game and Bullet Hell Top down shooter, be ready to take the role of the DJ/Guitarist and start playing music, shooting and crushing every single crazy beat on the screen.

Current Features :

  • Story mode currently including 10 handcrafted levels (more to be added) across 2 worlds.
  • Rock world includes Rock,Post-Rock and Metal music.
  • Electronic world includes EDM, Trap, and House music.
  • Leaderboard to compete with other players on each of the 4 difficulties.
  • Multiple ways to play: Xbox Controller, Mouse and Keyboard, or just Keyboard

You will be on a journey trying to set your inner self free from the chaotic world of music. This game is made for hardcore gamers, so get ready to get your fingers smashed. From the heart of a borderline indie game developer <3


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