The Silence Outside :: 外部沉默

The Silence Outside

开发: New Horizon Productions



Story Mode (Available 2018)
-You play as a freshly hired maintenance engineer thrust into the middle of a catastrophic power failure and caught between the competing interests of those on board. The game takes place over a two hour period which executes in real time. It is designed to have very high replayability to encourage players to explore the limits of the game world and uncover the story through multiple playthroughs and it features many different endings.

-After the player has finished the story mode once they gain access to a host of options for altering the gameplay within the man story mode. These can be as simple as increasing the enemies perception range , as complex as randomising the location of in game items or as comical as having everyone speak in high pitched voices.

Challenge Mode
Each challenge sets up a unique gameplay challenge which can be played over and over to net a higher score and in game rewards such as more options for the story mode modifications.


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