Throw Anything :: 抛物斗僵尸

Throw Anything

开发: Visual light



There is nowhere to run... and nowhere to hide as zombies climb up the walls hoping to satisfy their appetite for brains. The only way to survive: aim carefully, and throw anything you can find to take them down – and we mean ANYTHING.

Face off against starving zombies in high-rise buildings across the globe, and prove that you have what it takes in the VR action defense game, Throw Anything!

ㆍ Throw any object within reach – humans included.

ㆍ Take on 5 challenging stages about to be overrun by the zombie horde.

ㆍ Defeat 4 mid bosses and 5 powerful “main” bosses!

ㆍ Collect additional loot to survive the onslaught.

ㆍ Enjoy laying waste to fully destructible environments.

The mysterious “Scientist X” has decided to play God – conducting secret, forbidden experiments in secluded laboratories throughout the world. After many attempts, Scientist X is eventually successful at reviving an ancient corpse ... and cloning it repeatedly!

One day, the clones begin to exhibit erratic behavior – which turns to violence. With newfound strength, they manage to escape the laboratory and lurch toward the city in an angry horde...

Now, the world is quickly being overrun by these undead abominations – turning everyday peace into a neverending cycle of pain and suffering.

Can someone – anyone – take back the planet from this zombie mob?


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