Portarius :: Portarius


开发: Dmitry Poznukhov



The journey awaits!

The game consists of three chapters, each with its own unique flavor and aesthetic. This bright and colorful world is replete with enticing physics-based puzzles waiting to be solved by slow and methodical players, as well as speed-runners (the latter being eligible for special rewards).

Subterranean world
The first chapter of the game. The puzzles here revolve around utilizing common items such as rocks, metal bars and pipes in unorthodox and creative ways, using nature’s forces to your advantage.

Underwater world
In this chapter the player is set to make use of realistic liquid physics, with the puzzles centered around manipulating the flow and state of water using various tools, such as pumps or communicating vessels.

Mechanical world
The third and the most challenging chapter of the game. Buzz saws, steam pistons, hydraulic presses – apart from being part of the artful backdrop, they also represent deadly obstacles, poised to be overcome with elaborate high-speed maneuvers and masterful portal jumps.

Key features:

  • Every chapter presents a unique set of challenges and game mechanics
  • Movement is done through the use of portals
  • Artful and lush 2D graphics
  • Realistic physics
  • Amazing soundtrack to complement the quirky gameplay



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