Barbarian Souls :: 野蛮人之魂

Barbarian Souls

开发: Fabio Cunha



It´s time to attack, the barbarian invade different parts of the world and it's your job to kill all of them. Leave no one alive.

Walk trough the entire land to face and defeat the barbarians, be careful to not get much hurt, you don't have time to heal your wounds or potions to use, there's a lot of barbarians that you not think twice to attack when they see you.

The only objects that you carry is your sword (to beat your enemies) and your shield (to block attacks).

Barbarian Souls got inspiration from the combat system of Dark Souls, a very simplified version of combat system of Dark Souls. Approach enemies with careful, otherwise they will kill you easily.

This is an action game that you must fight to survive, defend or avoid enemy blows and attack in the right time.

In this game you must defend and evade to be able to success your missions. If you don't use your shield to defend OR your legs to avoid enemy attacks, you will be no match for your enemies.

Travel trough different environments, forests, deserts, mountains, castles, villages and much more.

Begin your journey to conquer the world.

Key Features

- Easy to play (attack, defend or evade)
Game commands are very simple (Left Mouse to attack, Right Mouse Button to defend, more instructions provided in the game)
- Moderated difficulty
It's not the type of the game that you finish it quickly
- Simple missions
Find and kill all enemies to proceed, if you think is hard to find all enemies, press 'V' button to use tracker option, this way will be able to find enemies easily
- One-to-one combat
Press 'TAB' when find an enemy to make the game combat more dynamic, fight with focus on your enemy to make it easier to attack or defend
- Strategic combat
Don't just attack without think, some enemies will inflict heavy damage on you if you attack without have an strategy to fight, some enemies will open their guard for
some seconds, others need to be attacked after they miss an attack on you
- Beautiful scenarios with great graphics
Travel trough scenes with different day of time and weather, like an rain storm near a great castle or


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