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开发: Orfeas Game Studio

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Aplestia is a light-hearted, unepic, fun, cynical and adventurous rpg with turn-based combat created by the developers of "The Deal".

Take the role of Britton, Marina, Rover and Summer; a team of four amateur adventurers that went on their first S Class mission... by mistake!

Save the townsfolk from their gruesome fate and fight the dark forces behind all the problems in the land. Be victorious, while becoming
rich by finding treasure, solving mysteries, opening long-forgotten secret rooms, defeating various monsters and helping people by doing
quests. Will you manage to defeat the great evil as a team of clueless, rookie adventurers? Will you find the secrets lying behind the
secret doors and triumph over your enemies?


  • True Fullscreen mode from the Options
  • Choose Window Skin from the Options
  • Controller/touch/keyboard/mouse support
  • FPS Synchronization option for older monitors
  • Easy to learn combat system
  • Colorful areas with lots of treasure and loot
  • Various secret rooms and quests
  • Epic weapons and unique armors
  • Crazy characters to interact with
  • Over a dozen of unique quests
  • Quest bubble icons to help you keep track of the accepted quests
  • Save your progress anywhere you want
  • Visible, non-respawning enemy encounters
  • Mini-bosses to challenge your strategy
  • Custom artwork for enemies, tiles, animations and icons
  • Over 20 unique music tracks
  • Rich gameplay time of 5-6 hours depending on your exploration prowess!

Big thanks to Michael Rookard for the amazing titlescreen.



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