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Simple Man

开发: CSM



When a simple man goes on a trip, he is interested in 2 things: national costumes and girls.

We go on a round-the-world trip and visit 10 countries: China, Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, Russia, USA, Great Britain, Canada and Japan.
There we will enjoy all the delights of this country and appreciate them.

We will also be able to attend the parade dedicated to supporting the LGBT movement and there we will support all those present.

Do you like to put likes? And if also beautiful girls? And not very beautiful, too? This game is specially for you!

Fly in different countries, put likes for different girls (and not only), dodge the hate (dislikes) and go through the endless level.


- You travel the world and vote for female dignity.

- Interesting story;

- A simple gameplay;

- Easy to master;

- A lot of good humor;

- Music is created with the help of AI;

- Steam Achievements.

I'm a simple man. I see this game - I'm buying.


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