Unity of Command II :: 统一指挥 2

Unity of Command II
统一指挥 2

开发: 2x2 Games , Croteam
发行: 2x2 Games

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该游戏以全新的定制3D引擎创建,保留了《统一指挥》(Unity of Command)的标志性艺术风格,提供极致流畅的游戏玩法。《统一指挥II》是一款备受期待的经典小众游戏的续集,易于入门但难以精通。自2011年以来,这款游戏已经将无数新手玩家淬炼为久经沙场的老将。



  • 动态战役 — 以分支战役改写二战的历史,打造绝无雷同的通关体验。
  • 总部 — 这个新功能将军队总部放置在地图上,你可以从这里指挥部队重组、搭建桥梁和再供给。总部不仅是加强和恢复损失部队力量的关键,而且能够部署特殊能力,如应急供给,并使用总部卡车来让部队实现机动化等等。
  • 战区资产 — 这个来自游戏初作的特性在《统一指挥II》中大幅扩展。破坏基础设施,即可在敌人后方制造混乱。命令你的飞机提供空中侦察,进行毁天灭地的狂轰烂炸,或者使用空中供给资产来援助位于敌人后方的部队。
  • 额外目标 — 参与可能会改变历史的“假设”目标——就有机会奔向亚平宁山脉,或者趁德军站稳脚步前先击溃他们的防御。
  • 战争迷雾 — 想对付敌人,就必须先找到他们。俘获散兵游勇,升级总部并使用它的特殊能力来发现敌人的特殊防御标记,从而暴露敌人的位置。
  • 深度作战 — 《统一指挥》引入成为其标志性特征的功能——补给线,彻底改变了回合制战略游戏。运计铺谋深入敌后、切断补给线和包围敌军单位的同时,你还须密切关注自己的后勤。
  • A可访问的场景编辑器 — 《统一指挥II》拥有全面的盟军战役,同时增加了几个可选择轴心国为视角的二战决定性战役。游戏内置场景编辑器,玩家可使用集成的Steam Workshop支持来创建和共享新战场。

About This Game

Built on a brand new bespoke 3D engine, the game retains Unity of Command’s signature art style and delivers highly polished fluid gameplay. Easily accessible yet hard to master, Unity of Command II is the highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic that’s been turning novice players into battle-hardened grognards since 2011.

Unity of Command II lets you take command of Western Allies during the Second World War. You will manage your army’s divisions as well as their supply and logistics. For the first time in Unity of Command you will face Fog of War. Reveal the unknown by capturing enemy soldiers and launching recon to gather intel on enemy troop positions. Enemy panzers will seek to capture your units’ stragglers — regroup and strike back!

Key Features

  • Dynamic Campaign — Rewrite the history of the Second World War with a branching campaign where no two playthroughs are alike.
  • Headquarters — This new feature places army headquarters on the map, from which you will direct unit reorganization, bridging and resupply. Headquarters are not only essential to reinforcing and recovering lost unit strength, but are also able to deploy special abilities such as Emergency Supply, Motorizing units using HQ trucks, and many more.
  • Theater Assets — This feature from the original game is greatly expanded in Unity of Command II. Wreak havoc behind enemy lines by sabotaging infrastructure. Order your aircraft to provide aerial recon, deliver devastating bombing runs, or sustain units behind enemy lines using air supply assets.
  • Bonus Objectives — Participate in optional history-altering “what-if” objectives — earn the opportunity to Rush for the Apennines and smash through German defenses before they dig in.
  • Fog of War — Deal with your enemies — but you’ll have to find them first. Reveal enemy positions by capturing stragglers, upgrading the HQ and using its special abilities to uncover enemy special defense markers.
  • Deep Operations — Unity of Command changed the world of turn-based strategy games forever by introducing its signature feature, supply lines. Keep a watchful eye on your logistics while planning to strike deep beyond enemy lines, sever supply lines and encircle enemy units.
  • Accessible Scenario Editor — Unity of Command II features a full-fledged Allied campaign, with the addition of several defining battles of WWII that can be experienced from the Axis side. The game comes with a built-in scenario editor, allowing players to create and share new battlefields using the integrated Steam Workshop support.



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