Snakelike :: Snakelike


开发: Placate The Cattin Productions
发行: Placate The Cattin Productions



Have you ever been playing a Roguelike and wished you were dragging a long tail behind you? No?

Well have you ever been playing Snake and wished it had more monsters and combat and procedurally generated dungeons to explore? Me neither.

Welcome to the world of Snakelike!


  • Classic Roguelike Action with a Snakey Twist
  • Classic Snakelike Twistings with some Rogueish Action
  • Procedurally Generated Madness combined with Handcrafted Insanity
  • Bizarre and Impolite Monsters
  • Strange and Downright Rude Bosses
  • Permanent Life-Losing
  • Pattern-based Spell System
  • Advanced Snekolocation Positioning Simulation
  • Worldwide Top Snakes List
  • 1 Different Ending(s) (2 if you include losing)

Roguelike Action with a Twist

  • Explore cavernous, procedurally generated levels filled with monsters and treasure interwoven with artisanally crafted areas. As you grow longer, take care to protect your segments or risk getting split in two.

Snakelike Twistings with some Roguelike Action

  • Eat apples to grow in length. Learn to use your segments to surround and outmaneuver your enemies, but be careful not to get in your own way!

Length is Life

  • Your Segments serve as your effective HP as well as influencing your Attack and Defense. Each individual Segment can acquire Armor and Spikers which level up. Your Segments also act as your inventory, each able to hold a single item, be it a Key, Snatchel, or Unique Snakecessory.

Pattern-based Spell System

  • Acquire and cast spells by arranging your body into different patterns. There’s no MP or cooldown period. The only thing preventing you from casting a spell every turn is the fact that you’ll need to re-contort yourself into the pattern.

Bosses, Shops & Puzzles

  • Challenge larger-than-(snake)life Bosses in search of powerful Snakecessories, barter your segments for a stack of Armor, or wrap your mind–and body–around some truly snake-twisting puzzles.

Dynamic Soundtrack

  • As you slither around the cave, the soundtrack changes based on your surroundings hinting at impending doom or enviable riches.


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